Demystifying the Hammered Dulcimer
Teach A Tune - Learn to play the hammered dulcimer
Click here to learn more about Teach A Tune Videos and written music for tunes commonly played in the hammered dulcimer community.

Hello and Welcome to Songbird Dulcimers

ANNOUNCING A REVOLUTION IN HAMMERED DULCIMER CONSTRUCTION!  A brand new idea.  Solid wood tops composed of multiple narrow boards connected by tight fitting tongue and groove joints which allow the tops to adjust to humidity changes without stress.

Read all about it!  We have three new models that use the system
.  16/15 Finch, 17/16/8 Finch Chromatic, and 14/13/8 Sparrow Compact Chromatic solid top hammered dulcimers. If you are thinking of a Warbler, ask us about the Finch Chromatic first. Click here to learn about the 16/15 Finch or click here to learn about the 17/16/8 Finch Chromatic

Winter Blues February/ March Sale!  Free shipping on any of our dulcimers sold as complete package. 

Welcome to our web site, and welcome to the dulcimer community! There is a very rich and vibrant world of folks just like you out there who play the dulcimer.  So if you are new, on behalf of everybody, welcome!

We are both "people" people, and it has been the joy of our lives to be involved.  We have met thousands of wonderful folks, we love it, and we'd love to meet you, too.  So if you aren't close by, drop us a note on the contact form (it is an email) or call.  If you are in our neighborhood, or passing through, come on by! We don't have regular hours, so call ahead, and make sure we are here.
Melanie and Chris Foss, craftsmen and owners of Songbird Dulcimers
Our driving force is helping folks to make music together.  Our modern society with its for profit music system has separated us, and we don't make music together any longer.  Now musicians are regarded as a separate class, and the rest of us are supposed to just listen.  But we believe that all of us were created to make music.  We can all sing, and music is best when it is made together with others. So if there is anything we can do to help you make music yourself, please allow us to. Remember what we always tell people:  Your dulcimer is a social animal, it needs friends.  Doesn't have to be another dulcimer, just some other musical instruments.  So go find some people to play with.  New friends are out there waiting to be made, and the dulcimer world is a great place to start.  

Please enjoy the site and don't miss the page with all the videos.  While you are looking at some of our videos, please subscribe to our channel which is Songbirdhd.  If you subscribe, Youtube will let you know when we upload a new video.
Chris and Melanie Foss
Hammered Dulcimer Videos & Resources - View instructional videos on tuning, adjusting bridges & more. Also download tuning diagrams.
Check out our Shop Notes to learn more about hammered dulcimers, their design and construction.
Have questions about hammered dulcimers? We'd love to talk with you. Give us a call or contact us online.

Instruments & Accessories

We take pride in our hand-crafted instruments. We carefully select and cure materials in our climate-controlled shop.

We are confident your Songbird Dulcimer will last you many years and bring many hours of joy and pleasure.

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