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We should be able to continue to operate during the crisis since we work totally alone and isolated and FedEx will continue to deliver, being an essential company.  We have the materials and are safe. So if you've been thinking of getting a new dulcimer, now would be a good time. Nothing like music to soothe the soul!

ANNOUNCING THE MULTIPLE SECTION SOUNDBOARD REVOLUTION!  A brand new idea.  Solid wood tops composed of multiple narrow boards connected by tight fitting tongue and groove joints which allow the tops to adjust to humidity changes without stress.  
Catchy marketing phrase courtesy of Joe Palone. 

Read all about it!  We have four new models that use the system.  The 17/16/8 Finch Chromatic Pro is top of the line!  Also the 16/15 Finch, 17/16/8 Finch Chromatic, and 14/13/8 Sparrow Compact Chromatic.  All first quality solid top hammered dulcimers made from the best materials available.  Click here to learn about the 16/15 Finch or click here to learn about the 17/16/8 Finch Chromatic

First change brought on by the COVID 19 Pandemic. We are no longer offering the electronic tuner in our complete packages. We are out, and can't get them, so we have discontinued them completely believing they are now redundant since most folks have a smart phone or tablet.  The app we recommend is Pano Tuner which is free and  available for both iOS (in the Apple App Store) or Android (Google Play).  I also find it more accurate than the electronic tuner and it is always in my pocket.

Music Lovers Specializing in All Things Hammered Dulcimer

Welcome to Songbird Dulcimers, and to the hammered dulcimer community! There is a very rich and vibrant world of folks just like you out there who play the dulcimer. So if you are new, on behalf of everybody, welcome!

It is our company mission to help people make beautiful music. We believe our quality hand-crafted instruments are the best sounding, most durable, most stable hammered dulcimers available at any price. We want to see folks happy playing music, and to spread their happiness into the world through the gift of music, so if we can help you in any way, let us know!
Melanie and Chris Foss, craftsmen and owners of Songbird Dulcimers

Discover our products through the Instruments tab, select what you like and hit Buy Now which will take you to our Online Store. We provide a wide selection, as well as all the necessary accessories. If you are looking for a used instrument, check out our Special Offers. We do direct shipping to you, but also have various Dealers who carry our products if you’d like to try before you buy.  You can also come to the workshop and try different models if you like, but let us know in advance so we have some ready for you to look at.

After you’ve purchased your dulcimer, we would love to hear more from you! You can drop us a note through the contact form, call, or stop by and see us (make sure we are there first). Let us know how it is going!

To see and hear our instruments in action, including some helpful how-to and tuning videos: Check out our Video resources page, or subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also learn new folk, hymn, celtic, and bluegrass songs of varying skill levels through Teach-a-Tune. If you'd like to learn how to play, we are happy to present some of our favorite teachers' Instructional Videos. Want to find someone to play with? We have compiled a list of teacher, community, and festival links to get you involved in the dulcimer world. After all, the hammered dulcimer is a social animal, it is better with friends!

Happy Hammering!
Chris and Melanie Foss
Hammered Dulcimer Videos & Resources - View instructional videos on tuning, adjusting bridges & more. Also download tuning diagrams.
Check out our Shop Notes to learn more about hammered dulcimers, their design and construction.
Have questions about hammered dulcimers? We'd love to talk with you. Give us a call or contact us online.

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We take pride in our hand-crafted instruments. We carefully select and cure materials in our climate-controlled shop.

We are confident your Songbird Dulcimer will last you many years and bring many hours of joy and pleasure.

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