14/13/8 Chickadee Chromatic Hammered Dulcimer

The 14/13/8 Chickadee Chromatic is the fully chromatic version of the 13/12 Chickadee.  It adds the third bridge on the left with the three missing notes at the bottom of the two main bridges added at the top of the third.  Below that are five courses used for low bass.  The tuning of these is optional within a certain range, but I like to tune them from the bottom up, Low G, Low C, then D, E, and F# to complete the lower octave of the key of D.  Sometimes I tune that second note from C down to B and I can get a G major arpeggio over four full octaves!  A really versatile small dulcimer!

A lot can be done with this little dulcimer.  It sounds just great, projects well, and holds its own very well in a room full of other instruments.  Since it fits in the case with the stand and stays in tune well, it is easy to grab an go with, so it has become one of my favorites to take to our local jam every Monday evening.  I really like the clear ring, and my friends do too.  There hasn't been any of our hundreds of tunes that I couldn't play.  Since I am the jam leader, they need to be able to hear me, and that hasn't been a problem.  The Chickadee Chromatic is just a good little work horse dulcimer.

Top and back are durable Baltic Birch laminate, the rails are Cherry, the pin blocks are Hard Maple, and the bridges are Walnut.  It is 38" long, and 15 3/4" wide, and will weigh about 12 pounds.   

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Complete package includes: dulcimer, case, stand, double face hammers, tuning wrench, and book; Mel Bay's You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer with online video.
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  Chickadee chromatic dulcimer from Songbird Dulcimers  Chickadee chromatic dulcimer from Songbird Dulcimers Chickadee chromatic dulcimer package from Songbird Dulcimers

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