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We buy quality cases, heavy duty enough for years of rugged use. Heavy duty nylon shells, with plenty of high density padding and pockets for music or small accessories.
Hammered dulcimer case $75 Click here to buy a hammered dulcimer case
HD Stands
We have three different stands, all similar to the photo at right, but different heights and angles. The sit down version is shown. We also have ladies height, and gents height stand up stands. This type stand is commonly referred to as a scissor stand.

Ours are a little different than others in that the dulcimer is solidly supported on the (padded) wood ends of the legs, not resting on a strap or string. Some advanced dulcimer playing techniques require a very solid stand under the instrument. Our stands fold up into a small bundle that can rest between the handles of the case, and the whole thing be easily carried in one hand.

   Hammered dulcimers stands
Sit down or adolescent, ladies or gents stand-up $70 Click here to buy a hammered dulcimer stand

Fully Adjustable Stand

Our own unique design.  Most adjustable stands have a frame which sits solidly on the ground and adjusters raise or lower the instrument from there with a whole forest of knobs to be tightened and adjustments to be made.  Ours have only three adjuster legs with six knobs.  We have perfected this design over about 18 years, and this is the fourth and best version

Play standing up, or seated, or any height and angle in-between.  Anyone up to about 6' 2" should be very comfortable with this stand.   Made from solid Poplar, they will be shipped unfinished, ready for you to stain your own custom color if you want.  These are the simplest, quickest to adjust and most stable adjustable stand on the market.

   Fully adjustable hammered dulcimer stand from Songbird Dulcimers
Full adjustable hammered dulcimer stand $170 Click here to buy a fully adjustable hammered dulcimer stand

Double Faced Hammers
One side wood, the other side suede leather for two different sounds. Medium weight because that's what we believe pulls the best sound out of a dulcimer. You wouldn't frame a house with a little tack hammer, and similarly you need some weight to your dulcimer hammers to pull a good solid sound out of your instrument. Made from maple for durability.  8" long.

Double faced hammers $25/pair Click here to buy a pair of double faced hammers


We carry all the necessities:
  • Strings
  • Tuners
  • Picks
  • Hammers
  • Books (instruction; tune collections)
  • CDs (instruction; tune collections)
  • and more

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