Standard American Dulcimer Dampers


Dampers on hammered dulcimers from Songbird Dulcimers
Simple and straight forward is what we are about, and our damper system is a perfect example.  Just durable, functional, uncomplicated, and unobtrusive.  The mechanism is simple.  The only adjustment necessary would be the length of the pedal cord if you put it on a different stand.  This system will work on almost any stand, and is easy and quick to set up.

Dampers are great!  I am not an expert, but have found them useful for controlling sustain, muting so I don’t disturb others while I practice, various rhythmic effects, setting a definite division between phrases, and they are great for workshops.  You can keep noodling away while the teacher is talking, and they won’t get mad at you.  I like them!
This system can be retrofitted on to any Songbird hammered dulcimer, no matter how old.  We have to do it ourselves because the setup is tricky.  Each system is custom built for the dulcimer it will go on, and made of woods to compliment the scheme of that instrument.  It involves drilling four holes completely through the dulcimer for the pedal cords to pass through. These aren’t noticeable because they are below the damper bar.  It also involves screwing the springs to the face of the dulcimer. The installation is permanent.

Dampers installed  $299


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Damper installation is available on hammered dulcimers from Songbird Dulcimers   Hammered dulcimer dampers   Dampers installed on hammered dulcimers

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