Hammered Dulcimer Resources

We love making and playing hammered dulcimers.  We also enjoy meeting people and helping them understand the many benefits of learning an instrument.  It's fun to unlock the "mysteries" of the hammered dulcimer and watch a person experience the joy of learning to play the dulcimer.  We hope our instruments will bring years of enjoyment to beginners and experienced players. We have provided several resources below we hope you will find helpful on your musical journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love answering questions and helping people realize the enjoyment that is possible from playing the hammered dulcimer.  Please click here to view answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.


To introduce folks to the various instruments we build and to dulcimer music, we have put together several videos. You'll hear gospel, traditional, hornpipes, Irish jigs and more!  

We also want to provide helpful How-To videos that show information such as tuning your dulcimer or changing dulcimer strings.  We hope you enjoy our videos and find them helpful.  Please visit our site often and look for new videos.

Having fun with dulcimers:
 Hear "Whiskey Before Breakfast"
on the
Festival Dulcimer
Hear "Cherokee Shuffle" and
"Sweet Hour of Prayer" on
the Phoebe Dulcimer
Hear "In the Garden" &
"The Rights of Man Hornpipe" on
the Phoebe Chromatic Dulcimer
Hear "Durang's Hornpipe" &
"Jesus Loves Me" on
the Warbler Ultimate Spruce
Hear 2 songs and learn
about a chromatic
dulcimer, the Warbler.
Hear "Morrison's Jig" &
"Nail That Catfish To the Tree" on
the Warbler Ultimate Mahogany
Hear "Over the Waterfall" &
"Just As I Am"
on the Chickadee Dulcimer
Hear "Dunsmore Lasses" &
"Amazing Grace" on
the Chickadee Chromatic
Hear "Jenny Lind Polka" &
"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
on the Finch Chromatic - Walnut
Hear "Tuttle's Reel" &
"Margaret's Waltz" on
the Finch Chromatic - Curly Maple

How-To videos:
Demystifying the hammered
dulcimer - it's easy to
learn and play!
Tuning the
hammered dulcimer - 
Part 1
Tuning the
hammered dulcimer -
Part 2
Changing strings
on your
hammered dulcimer
Adjusting hammered
dulcimer treble

Helpful documents and tuning diagrams

The following is a list of documents that are frequently requested.  We are providing them here so that you may have easy access to them. All of the documents are printable.
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