Phoebe Chromatic Hammered Dulcimer

Like I have said in other places, the Phoebe is one of my favorite dulcimers, for all the right reasons.  It sounds great, is amazingly durable, stays in tune, and is utterly reliable.  I was thinking one day that the only thing that kept us from being able to make a really... seriously… reasonably priced fully chromatic three bridge extended range hammered dulcimer was the bridges.  Chromatic bridges have angled holes drilled in them, and are very time consuming.  That thought process led to a new and better way to make bridges, and eventually to building the first Songbird 17/16/8 Phoebe Chromatic.   

The Phoebe Chromatic is built on the same body as the regular Phoebe with the same reliable Baltic Birch ply top and back, and with the new bridges.  It has its own unique sound with clear trebles, and rich bass.   The old round sound holes didn't look right next to the new bridges with the square notches, so I applied the five sided sound hole that came to me many years ago in a dream.  All the lines of these sound holes either follow or are perpendicular to other lines of the dulcimer, and are carefully placed to match each other and the dulcimer they are on, so the design is much more unified.

This is a true break through both in construction, and price.  There is nothing at all similar on the market.  It is now possible for you to buy a fully chromatic, extended range dulcimer in a complete package, WITH dampers for less than $1,000!    The full functionality of a chromatic, with deep, low notes on the extended range bridge, the durability and tuning stability of a Phoebe, and great sound all at prices for us normal folks.  You won't find a better dulcimer anywhere, just different… and more expensive.  This is the only dulcimer you will ever need.  The Phoebe Chromatic is 42" long, 19" wide and will weigh about 17 pounds.

Regarding Plywood
Like I have also said in other places, I believe in plywood.  One thing that building over 8,000 dulcimers has taught me for sure is that plywood is a good choice for the top and back of hammered dulcimers.  Solid wood shrinks and swells with changes in humidity.  Full width solid wood tops and backs glued fast cross grain to pin blocks are asking for trouble.   We've all done it for many years, but it isn't reliable.  Also, the anti-plywood bias that is fed by the guitar industry is mostly mythology, and all about money.  The more exotic the wood the instrument is made from, the more money they can charge for a guitar made from it.  Doesn't mean it will sound any better.  And dulcimers every bit as beautiful and good sounding can be made from plywood as from solid.

Finishing Options
We have many finishing options, so you can have a true custom dulcimer.  The two standard Phoebe finishes, natural or brown stained will be available on shorter notice.  But if you want a really distinctive dulcimer, think about ordering one with one of our "Art" finishes.  Click here to learn more about "Art" finishes and to view samples.
Prices listed below do not include shipping fees.
Phoebe Chromatic Dulcimer (natural) $599 Choose your options and buy the Phoebe Chromatic Dulcimer now
Phoebe Chromatic Dulcimer (brown stained) $660 Choose your options and buy the Phoebe Chromatic brown stained dulcimer now
Phoebe Chromatic Dulcimer (art finish) $750 Choose options and buy a Phoebe Chromatic art finish dulcimer now

Complete Package  learn more >>
Complete package includes: dulcimer, case, stand, double face hammers, T- Handle tuning wrench, and book; Mel Bay's You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer with online video.

Phoebe Chromatic Dulcimer (natural) Package $724 Choose your options and buy the Phoebe Chromatic dulcimer package now
Phoebe Chromatic Dulcimer (brown) Package $785 Choose your options and buy the Phoebe Chromatic brown stained dulcimer package now
Phoebe Chromatic Dulcimer (art finish) Package $875 Choose options and buy your Phoebe Chromatic art finish dulcimer package now


     Phoebe Chromatic dulcimer in brown   Brown Phoebe chromatic dulcimer by Songbird Dulcimers   Phoebe chromatic dulcimer natural brown   

                 Phoebe chromatic dulcimer by Songbird dulcimers    Phoebe chromatic dulcimer - art finish, by Songbird Dulcimers    Art finish - Phoebe chromatic dulcimer by Songbird Dulcimers

Availability: We are a small Mom and Pop enterprise, and can't have everything we make in stock all the time.  If you have a deadline, please contact us for availability of what you are thinking of getting before placing the order.

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