When possible it is always best to go see and try out an instrument before buying. You can also get the input of a knowledgeable sales person. A good dealer will have in stock several different models of hammered dulcimer. Some
will even have instruments from different makers, and it is very educational to see and hear the difference.

We have many trusted dealers all over the country that we have been working with for many years. We consider these folks close friends, and would not hesitate to recommend them to you. Contact us and we can put you in touch with someone near you

International Shipping
We can ship internationally, but not to everywhere. Our packages must go via US Postal Service to be as economical as possible. It depends on the rules of the receiving country what size package they will accept. In general most European countries are OK. Also Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. If you are wondering, you can check yourself on the Post Office web site, Our most common package is 44 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 6 inches thick for a total length plus girth of 104 inches. They weigh 33 pounds. This should be enough info to get you a quote.


Songbird Hammered Dulcimers

19/18/8 Robin V2 with Case $2,500.00
19/18/8 Robin V1 with Case $1,900.00
17/16/8 Warbler DLX $1,048.00
16/15 Swift $725.00
16/15 Phoebe (natural) $449.00
16/15 Phoebe (brown) $509.00
16/15 Wood Thrush $579.00
17/16/8 Phoebe Chromatic (natural) $550.00
17/16/8 Phoebe Chromatic (brown stained) $610.00
17/16/8 Phoebe Chromatic (Art Finish) $700.00
17/16/8 Festival Dulcimer $750.00
Complete Packages

Phoenix Package
Includes 16/15 Phoebe, case, stand, electronic tuner, hammers, tuning, wrench, book
Phoenix Package with brown stained dulcimer $634.00
Thrush Package $704.00
Swift Package   $850.00
Warbler DLX Package $1173.00
Phoebe Chromatic (natural) package   $675.00
Phoebe Chromatic (brown stained) package $735.00
Phoebe Chromatic (Art Finish) package $825.00

Dampers Installed $299.00
Robin Dampers Installed $400.00
In tune Bridges  
Ply Core $50.00
Stands, sit down, ladies or gents stand up $70.00
Fully Adjustable Stand $160.00
Book (First Lesson HD) $7.95
Book (You Can Teach Yourself HD w/CD & DVD) $24.95
T- Handle Tuning Wrench   $18.00
Double Face Hammers $30.00/pr
String Sets:

16/15 (Phoebe, etc.) $57.60
17/16/8 (Warbler) $70.00
13/12 (Meadowlark, etc.) $40.00

Extra strings, guaged, rolls of 10 each:

.016" or .018" $3.50
.020" or .022" $5.20
.024" or .026" $8.00
Hammered Dulcimer Case $75.00
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